Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ok, the Squirrels are NO LONGER Cute...

What I SHOULD be seeing is this:

Aww, they're feeding each other!

Or, this:

It almost looks like they posed for me!

Instead, what I am seeing is this:

and this:

Apparently, the squirrels like the new seed I purchased. A lot. In fact, they like it so much, they are willing to gorge on it together in peace and not chase each other off. This morning, I went charging out in my pajamas and bare feet to scare THREE of the little buggers off.

My mistake was in the seed mix. They apparently LOVE the sunflower seeds, judging by the amount of hulls they've tossed all over the patio. And, of course, the ingenuous little hogs have figured out how to take the top off the feeder so that they can sit IN the seeds to sift through them to their little black hearts' content. I've even seen them chase off starlings!

Needless to say, I am not thrilled. While the occasional acrobatic act was amusing and cute to watch, this outright pillaging of the haven I've set for my fine feathered friends is an outrage! Just the other day I caught a glimpse of goldfinches; now I fret that they'll never come back!

My solution: when the current batch of apparently flavorful seeds is gone (at this rate, it won't take long!) I plan to purchase safflower seeds and only safflower seeds. According to a bird expert, squirrels do not care for safflower seeds. Since I cannot afford all sorts of fancy squirrel-proof feeders and equipment, I thought this might be the most logical choice of action.

(Short of dressing in cammo and waiting for the little buggers with an uzi....)

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  1. Funny, the way you do this with photos. But hey, the squirrels are cute!