Friday, March 27, 2009

Dude, I Thought I Was Just Lookin' At Birds...

Alright. I was expecting squirrels. Squirrels are notoriously annoying for attacking bird feeders. I can deal with that; at least they're entertaining while they do it. In fact, the one day I had no less than three of the bushy-tailed little rodents raiding my rations.

This particular squirrel I have nicknamed Fred. I name everything Fred. I even have a ficus named Fred. See how graceful he is - balancing upside down by his feet, nibbling with both hands? Do squirrels actually have feet and hands? Or are they just considered paws? They have definite hand-like qualities...

Anyway, I was not entirely prepared for the rabbit. I was anticipating him going after my tender young lettuce shoots once it warms up, but not my birdseed. Peter, we'll call him, showed up this evening beneath the feeder. I wouldn't have noticed him, except for the fact that the cat was chirruping her "I want it" signal, and I went running to see which of my feathered friends was dining out tonight. I suppose I should be glad that he is nibbling up the "waste" seed that falls to the ground, but I have a feeling I am setting myself up for trouble later, when I put out my potted plants.

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  1. Hey there! Great idea for a blog. Unfortunately, I never use bait to fish, so I have no clue where you'd fine mealworms. Perhaps Wal-Mart would have them. The only place I know for sure would be the Gander Mountain, but that's all the way up by the Lycoming Mall.